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Welcome to the Welcome to Yorkshire magazine hub. It’s a place where you can find interesting articles and information about Yorkshire plus it’s a platform for everybody at Welcome to Yorkshire to express their opinions on a wide range of topics, but what makes it really great is that you take part and leave your comments.

There are just few house rules to remember.

1. Contributions must be civil and tasteful

2. We welcome conversation but we won’t tolerate personal attacks, foul language or discriminatory comments based on race, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability or religion/belief. Comments revealing personal information about bloggers or users will also be removed

3. We allow comments under a pseudonym but if your opinion is worth hearing then you should be willing to put your name to it.

4. All the views expressed on the Welcome to Yorkshire blog are the personal opinions of the author.

5. We will try never to delete a post, unless we’re forced to do so for legal reasons, and will always indicate ’substantive’ changes. Minor grammar, spelling, layout etc might simply be corrected.

6. We will always try and respect the community ethos by linking to others and crediting our sources.

7. We will always strive to write posts of the highest quality, which includes basic error checking such as spelling.

8. We will never knowingly publish inaccurate or misleading information and will correct any such statements at the earliest possible opportunity.

If you want to report a breach of these rules then email

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