A Tour-iffic experience in the Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Trike Tours

One of many beautiful scenic views

Unless you’ve been hiding away in a cave for the last 6 months, it can’t have escaped your attention that a small bike race will be hitting the county next summer and the spotlight will be on Yorkshire more than ever. After a few hours in the gym, it has become apparent to me that, even with the strictest of regimes, it is unlikely that I am going to get the call from Sir David at Team Sky. Luckily for me – and anyone else in my shoes – I discovered a small but perfectly formed team, nestled in the Dales and willing to take me on board.

Yorkshire Trike Tours, led by husband and wife duo Jason and Judith, is a brand new Yorkshire business providing tours throughout the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Last week I was lucky to be taken on one of their tours, specifically number 21. Tour 21 is aptly named ‘Le Tour Yorkshire’, taking its riders on a 110 mile trip over four and a half hours, following the route that the Tour de France riders will take on Day 1 of the 2014 Grand Départ.

As a Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred boy who works at Welcome to Yorkshire, I felt confident in saying stating that I understand more than most what Yorkshire has to offer. However, throughout the duration of this tour all that kept coming to my mind was a quote from Le Tour director, Christian Prudhomme: “I knew Yorkshire, but I did not realise that it was so gorgeous” (read quote with a French accent and it sounds even better). Passing through countless stunning towns and villages, like Hawes and Bainbridge, cruising through Bishopdale and seeing natural waterfalls on our ascent up the Dales, reminds you why visitor numbers for holidays in Yorkshire are constantly increasing.

The view when travelling over Buttertubs Pass

The view when travelling over Buttertubs Pass

In short, throughout this trike tour there are countless moments where you can’t help but be astounded by the stunning beauty that is before you. Buttertubs Pass in particular provides a panoramic moment of such class that it will stay with me for a long time. It is without doubt that Le Tour de France next summer will showcase Yorkshire in such a way that will have untold benefits for the county for decades to follow.

So what about the trike? Yorkshire Trike Tour’s leaflets describe it as ‘like no other experience – it has the freedom and exhilaration of a motorcycle with the safety and comfort of a car.’ This is a great description. Feeling the sun & wind, breathing the fresh Yorkshire air and hearing the bleats of frolicking lambs in the surrounding fields makes for a truly authentic experience and you couldn’t feel safer in the trike. Jason, our Ilkley-born driver, is knowledgeable and passionate about the Dales and his enthusiasm for showing it off is very apparent. Like all good Yorkshiremen he is clearly proud of where he comes from. On top of this, the trike itself is a gleaming thing of beauty.

Trike Tours

The Boom Trike in all its glory

All in all, Yorkshire Trike Tours have stumbled across a winning formula here, tying in Yorkshire’s unbeatable scenery with an alternative, fun way of seeing it makes for a really great experience. With tours lasting from anywhere between one and six hours, you can have a short, sharp blast or you can, like us, really make a day of it. Whatever you choose to do, wrap up warm (it’s chilly at the top!), take your camera and enjoy your day in the Dales.

You can find out more at www.yorkshiretriketours.co.uk or if you’re a twitter person, follow them on @yorkstriketours.

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